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Lot's of questions to answer

But first, Congrats Jethro, you will be passing me in no time at all!

I keep my windows about 2" down and just sweat it out in 100 degree temps. Below 90 is just fine. In 80 degree temps, I only keep one window cracked and 70 and below I keep em up.

Yes, LRR tires are key because of no EOC. It is possible with autos, just not as easy as manuals.

50mpg has come at a great price. I save over $1000 a year in fuel costs. The LRR tires I have handled much worse at 32psi, like a jelly donut on a toothpick. These tires, by nature of being very LRR, handle much different than "normal" tires with reduced traction and handling, therefore I drive it appropriatly. I'd like to believe driving the way I do is much safer than chatting on my phone while passing on the shoulder Point is, risk is determined mostly by your actions, not your equipment because we are opperating well bellow the maximum limits. Tire psi is a much debated subject, I stop commenting by saying it is best to expirement for yourself, rather than just reading what the net has to say. I have not arrived at this pressure by accident

Advanced timing, while running lean without a knock sensor....well, you just don't understand it yet. It makes sence when you begin to study it. I have not done this without a good understanding of the physics and risks. I've got over 25K on the motor while running lean with no damage. This motor cost me $200, it's an Escort, they are dirt cheap. There is not much info on running lean for mpg. Most just understand that lean mixtures burn up motors, but this is only under a significant load.

Don't mod your car in a way you are not comfortable with! I'm comfortable with what I have done and capable of dealing with the risk and potential outcomes.

I'm a bit crazy, maybe you figured that out, thus the crazy stuff I say
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