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Originally Posted by SVOboy View Post
Welcome to ecomodder! Have you seen our hypermiling for better fuel economy tips yet?

How much do you like messing with cars? You could always convert the CX to a manual! I'm sure you can hit 40 with that car, either way.

Thanks for the welcome.

I did read the driving tips section and it had some very good information.

I love to work on cars, I have since I was a kid. I have owned everything from big trucks to luxury cars. I have never owned a stock car. My WS6 puts about 420 hp to the Wheels and gets 22mpg. My supra really depends on what I have the boost set at. But it can get really good gas mileage for the power it makes.

I thought about converting the car to a manual. I really haven’t seen the reason to yet. I understand the fact that automatics have approximately 20% of drive train loss compared to 16 %( approximately). I could not find a car for my price range that was a manual.

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