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Originally Posted by Daox View Post
The belly pan won't effect it THAT much. We're talking a few percent increase at most. My sister's 03 Jetta TDI is also missing the pan and she still gets 50+ MPG in summer. By far the larger factor in mileage is driving style.
Thanks for the reply Doax! In my opinion the 99-03 TDI's get the best mileage. The 03 Jetta is a lil different animal using the fuel sipping ALH motor instead of the newer less fuel efficient BRM. My 01 Beetle with the ALH gets 47-57mpg depending on how i drive it but this Darn Jetta is a different animal. I wanted to buy-fix-sell this 06 Jetta but she loves it and wants to keep it. Now I'm faced with how to squeeze more mpg out of it. MAybe it's the loose nut behind the wheel!!?? (I've not drove a full tank myself in it other than straight highway loaded to the max going to the mountains)
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