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The One That Got Away?

If you are into cars of any sort, you probably have a tale of the "one that got away". A car you really wanted and you showed up to look at it a few minutes too late just to see it get sold to someone else, that sort of thing. So, what is your FE friendly one that got away?

I have two that haunt me, though one is still on the maybe list. The one that is gone was a one owner, black, '87 CRX Si 5 speed with 134,000 kms on it. The guy selling it was clueless, the car was filthy but no rust, anywhere. I figured I could wait him out on the price (I was broke), I had visions of swapping in a non-Si 5 speed and having a super light 1st gen CRX with fuel injection (only on the Si models in '87), and some FE freindly gear ratios. He wanted $1500, I offered him $1200 (that was seriously all I could scrounge up!). He said no, but I figured it wasn't going anywhere and he'd cave in. Nope, a week later he sold it for $1250!! Man that hurt! I always keep a $50 bill stashed away now, just so that never happens again!

The other one is a 1991 Civic Wagon. Last year of the wagon, it is a grey on grey, 5 speed car. It has the "deluxe" interior, and even has cruise control (never see that on Civics up here). Tiny bit of rust in one spot on the original paint. 225k KMs. It has a space saver spare on it, with one window smashed out and a bag half taped over the hole. I went to go look at it last August, the guy wasn't home but told me on the phone I could see it. I saw it and HAD to have it (see my name, I love my Civic wagons!), and was supposed to call him that night after 7pm when he was off work. Well I don't know if anyone here has ever experienced the fun that is a kidney stone, but I got one that day, at about 5:30pm. So while at the hospital waiting to get some painkillers, I missed calling him. I tried the next day, no good. I tried emailing, nothing. I figured someone else must have bought it. Nope, the car is STILL THERE. It will be our one year anniversary soon, I think I will go retape the bag over the smashed out window. It's in a big apartment building parking lot, so I can't just go knock on the front door. The cell number is inactive, and the guy never answers emails. That deal kills me, I want that car so bad and it just sits there rotting away!

So what's your story?

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