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...OK, you caught me! Actually, I put regular "air" into the tires before I noticed or realized the green value-caps had lettering on them, so I didn't think anything 'more' about it at our first gas tank fillup when I bumped the tire pressure up to 40 psi.

...however, by the third tank fillup, I took the time to actually "look" at the little green valve-caps and that's *when* I noticed the "N2" lettering...but, by then it was too late.

...PLUS, the facts that (a) none of the gas stations I buy fuel from have N2 available and (b) I, personally, don't belief N2 is worth the cost--any cost--except in aircraft tires with magnesium (flammable) wheels!

...from my view point, N2 is more a "...snake gas..." rather than a "...snake oil..."

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