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I don't know what temperature it is suppose to be running and as the temperature gauge is broke (At least thats what I'm assuming since it never goes above 2/3rds).

I took the car back to my mechanic friend and he said the water that I was losing might be due to a crack on the reservor or busted hose around the heater core, so I went to autozone to buy a new one. The man I was talking to suggested that I had air in the line and to just put some more antifreeze n water and drive it around for another day before I start buying more parts. So far it has not overheated or even lost water. Based on that it must be that I do have a bad heater core (I forget to mention earlier that my buddy bypassed it when I 1st saw him when I replaced the thermostat as a temperary fix until I get paid next week) and it was bubbling still because of the air in the lines.
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