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Originally Posted by dkruitz View Post
There are several free cad programs out there - even for Linux guys like me.

Heck I'd stick with some fullsized drawings - head to Home Depot and get their red rosin or brown building paper and work on that. Get a piece of wood trim or a 3/8" x 3/8" x 8' long stick to use for fairing your lines from point to point. Measure from a center line and use that to determine how to build your building form for the fiberglass. Look around at older traditional boat building articles about "fairing"; you might find some good ideas there.

You could kamm the back behind the rider possibly instead of a long tail - it would make it less susceptable to cross-winds and could be used for helmet storage etc.

Those Enfields are nice little bikes, I haven't seen a diesel yet - are they loud?
Loud ? I suspect they are very loud .I've found someone on DieselBike Net • Index page who lives a couple of hundred km away so I'll ride down and have a look soon .It might be possible to enclose the engine in sound dampening material and cool it with directed vents ,maybe with fans on them .

I have a bit of boat building experience of the old school variety so lofting and fairing are within my capabilities .

I'm interested in diesel because I can make biodiesel and if I got 1.5 litre /100km (150 mpg US )from a diesel bike on bio it would be the carbon emission effect of 375ml per 100km (600 mpg US )

The fairing is my main concern as I'm actually have very little idea except what I've been able to derive from Allert's site and this forum .I'm concerned about cross winds and would very much like to know if there is a particular side shape that will help .

There has been a recent discussion here about centre of pressure and centre of gravity which i grasped some of .As a result it seems as though there might be some advantage in a bit of ballast down low ,below the c of g ?
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