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Originally Posted by euromodder View Post
Did you use the aero template for the top view ?
It could be the hand drawing, but it looks a bit too fast
Follow that as closely as possible in all aspects (topview, sideview)
I'd extend it a bit further too, to reduce the wake.

See if you could lower the seating position, it'll greatly improve aerodynamics as seen on Burt Munro's or Allert's bikes.

If the helmet sticks out of the main shell, give it a fairing as well and blend that into the body.
Where do I find the aero template ? That was just a guess on my behalf .

I've drawn that with a thin seat right down on the frame ,my State is very strict about frame mods so I'm really restricted to the diesel engine which gives a 36% efficiency increase and anything I can gain from a bolt on aero fairing ...which is really the place to look if i can't do much with my frontal area .

Extending it would be good aerowise but is there a balance between that and reduced cross section for winds ? I was trying to keep it as short as possible .

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