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Originally Posted by ChazInMT View Post
Even though the spring rate of regular air is 6.3 m/sec and Nitrogen is 6.25 m/sec???? And don't forget, the regular air has as much as 2% H20....This substance has been proven to be a gas, or, a solid, when it isn't being a liquid....highly dependent on the ambient air temperature.

Yer taking some chances here. Good luck to you.
I have been putting regular air in my tires for years... and I have, on occassion, been 100% nitro for some of those years, with brand new tires.

First off, nitro benefits are more felt if the conditions when the first load of nitro went in were also pretty dry... perhaps in some sealed laboratory where the atmosphere is 100% nitro and workers in oxygen masks fit the tire to the rim?

Because I've had some brand new tires on nitro lose pressure very, very slowly... and others lose it just as quickly as "regular" air.

Other tires, I've had "regular" air and the psi drop over time was minimal to non-existent.

After several changes on three different vehicles mucking around with nitro and not feeling any cost-benefit out of it, especially since there's no place but the tire shop to get it and I had to check pressures every morning, anyway, I finally dropped it and resigned myself to putting in air every time I put in gas.

Works for me.
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