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Originally Posted by Old Tele man View Post
...ah-h-h, but atomic-level molecules are sneaky...the little ones sneak "in & out" faster than the big ones:

AIR = 100.00%.....28.966 MW
_N2 = 78.084%.....28.013 MW
_O2 = 20.946%.....31.999 MW
_Ar = _0.934%.....39.948 MW
H20 = _0.400%.....18.020 MW (water vapor)
_He = _0.000524%.._4.000 MW
_H2 = _0.000055%.._2.020 MW
Accordingly, at the end of a few years of leakage, we'll have a tire full of Argon and Oxygen? Cool! Helium would be interesting if it weren't prone to leaking out of tires... they fill some bicycle frames with it. Maybe they can cure some of the weight problems of run-flats with helium... reduce weight by 0.01 pounds a corner...
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