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Originally Posted by Frank Lee View Post
I think you'd find such close proximity of windshield edge and throat to be both uncomfortable and hazardous.

Also I think you'll want more length aft of the rider, for possibly storage and for aero.
Agreed , I've drawn an extra 6 inches on the rear top which gives a overhang of about 3 inches .
You will want a good seat more than you want to be lower for aero. If it's uncomfortable you won't ride it... perhaps the best fuel saving technique of all???
Indeed !
Noises are much amplified inside aeroshells. Prepare for a very noisy interior or special noise mitigation efforts.
Yes ,this is something of a concern .I'm planning a separate sound insulated cowling inside the fairing but an aircooled diesel is a very noisy animal and I may not be able to fix it .

I know Allert did it, but personally I'm opposed to adding what is essentially ballast for stabilization. I'd rather try to jockey the weight that needs to be there around to where it does the most good.

Could you say why ? I'm very interested
I'll build a model of the fairing and see how it performs but the concerns you raise are real especially the internal noise .If I don't do the fairing it will be for the noise .

Just using 10 hp diesel would still give a 36% improvement with the added advantage of being able to use biodiesel for a very low carbon footprint .

Frank ,could you suggest a Cd for the fairing ?

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