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A few years back there was a 1981 HMV FreeWay for sale for $1,200, I looked at it a few times and it sat there for almost a month before I had saved up enough that I could think about buying it, by that time it was gone, saw another one recently for sale for about $5,000 that needed a bit of work so I passed on it.

My other car I ended up owning for almost a year, a 1981 Honda Civic hatchback without a speck of rust on it, when I bought it 3rd gear was missing so I swapped in an FE transmission and was getting over 40mpg with it, amazing little car, like driving a CRX with a full back seat! but after owning it for a year I found a house I wanted to buy, I was $1,000 short so I sold the car to a friend of mine with the condition that if she ever wanted to sell it for any reason that she give me first dibs and I would pay her $1,000 for it, 2 months later the car was rear ended while parked and was totaled.
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