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Originally Posted by Nevyn View Post
In my Elantra, it's done with oil pressure and has 4 modes. Toyota's system I'm mostly unfamiliar with, except for a little experience with VVTL-i on an 03 Celica GTS. In that case the "i" stood for intelligence, not intake.

Ryland, the system you mentioned is similar to what the 97-02 Escorts had in the 2.0L Split Port Induction CVH series engine. I had one, and when that second intake runner opened, you could definitely feel it.

I'm attempting to find the CVVT info for my car to post - I should be back with that data soon.
I understand the i does stand for "Intelligence" on all of them The VVTL-i does lift as well I think, according to Wikipedia.

Old-Tele - I had seen the items from Toyota but the video is useful. The City Bug Club article is a copy (I think) of an article I read when searching last week. There is a guy in Holland who chip-tuned his bug with no benefit whatsoever except that the rev limiter was raised. He had a similar article on his blog but if course I never kept the address

Daihatsu is owned by Toyota and they use this engine in some of their smaller cars too.

So looking at the maps there is a sweet area around 2-3K, so assuming I'm doing P&G then I should use WOT at those speeds or go for peak torque which is (I believe) 4000 although the article linked suggests 3600.

Just about the time George was made the factory made a small ECU change which dropped he CO2 slightly which makes tax cheaper in a few markets so the tune may be slightly different. Maybe.
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