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Originally Posted by jpirkola View Post

Thanks for taking the time to do the research.

We are using the 38120 8 ah cells

The 38120 cells with their 25 C rating, will give an overall output of 600 amps from the 50S/30P configuration for (by our actual testing) up to 1 minute. We also did our best to match the parallel sets for internal resistance

We took the derating of the cycle life into consdideration when we chose to go with lithium. We figured on only 10% of the rated life would be 200 cycles. Since we generally only run 10 to 15 pulls per year we should get a few years of use from the pack.

Due to other initial problems, we haven't run the pack enough to get any real feel for life or performance yet.

We've been watching Damian's results, so far he seems pleased with the performance.

Sounds like you have done your homework. I looked up a spec sheet for 38120P cells and it listed 20C max discharge and 15C max. cont. discharge, but the chinese are famous for changing spec sheets and if you have actually tested the at 25C that's great. Do you have a website for the tractor? I would like to keep an eye on your progress.

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