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Originally Posted by Greg Fordyce View Post
Sounds like you have done your homework. I looked up a spec sheet for 38120P cells and it listed 20C max discharge and 15C max. cont. discharge, but the chinese are famous for changing spec sheets
You noticed that too. You can go to different sites and get different information on the same product. I wonder if those people think we don't see that.

Originally Posted by Greg Fordyce View Post
if you have actually tested the at 25C that's great.
We were quite supprised at what they would put out. There were some quality issues, but all in all they were the best available at the time we bought. Now there are pouch cells that are superior and it looks like some of the R/C small packs are a good way to get lots of power for a short time.

Originally Posted by Greg Fordyce View Post
Do you have a website for the tractor? I would like to keep an eye on your progress.

We haven't set up a web site yet for the electric pulling trators. Might be a good idea though. They are simple to create and actually are not much different then an EV conversion for lawn work.

Might get more people interested.

I'm going to post a few You Tube Videos next week, I'll let you know when I get them up.

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