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You have a keen eye botsapper of Chino.

Originally Posted by botsapper View Post the course of research, like to share a tidbit. Same low-hanging fruit.
Correct. - An Opel G.T. - I bought the car wrecked in 1981 for $600.00. Cut the damaged front and back off with gloves and tin snips. That metal was thick! I didn't know what a cutting tourch was. Formed the new front and rear with plaster. Made tooling from the plaster and attched the fiberglass parts to the G.T.'s body.

I drove the car all over Arkansas, Texas and California for five years. Very pleased that there were never any stress cracks that formed where the fiberglass attached to the German sheetmetal. Opel's are fine cars!

Wish I never would have sold it now.

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