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Originally Posted by DifferentPointofView View Post
Care to make me one? lol, or atleast tell me how to?
Lol i dont make them. Ours did not come with a PWM but we did buy one to add on, and used some EFIE's and the truck is already running much better. 45 gallon tank on the suburban so it takes a while to get a full tank run through it. Also there is a break in period for hydrogen systems which can be up to 180 hours of use, which of course is a bunch. But i would say more like a month of use to get the system broken in properly. We have only had the system on for i beleive 2 or 3 weeks. Just getting all of the small kinks worked out of it.

The only thing we are trying to do with our systems is get them powerful enough to run without a catalyst which i think is entirely possible with a PWM. We have almost cured the current draw issues as when we first installed the system it was pulling the truck from 14volts down to 8~9 volts @ idle. Now @ idle its right between 13&14volts.
Yes i sell performance parts..... But hey~ they make your engine more effcient so technically im selling "Green" parts.

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