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Time for some overkill.

Because I will eventually run my car at the ragged edge, I aim to make damn sure I know what's going on with it.

So, with a couple of goals in mind, I did some research and wound up buying a Nook Color, and dropping a custom ROM (OS) on it. Combined with the Torque app, I have some pretty decent monitoring going on.

First, the PLX Kiwi Bluetooth:

Next, how it's wired/routed:

Sunny Nook:

Shaded Nook:

RAM mount:

Torque UI:

So, it works, but I'm running into issues with the speed of updating which is looking to be a problem with the adapter (as I've tested everything else). I guess all that remains is to get on the horn with PLX and find out some info about this device, as I really need the high speed resolution in logging.

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