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lucky - '92 Toyota pickup plain
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ok, sit back and try not to laugh too hard whilst I fill you in....... I got some paint from Wally-world for 98 cents a can. I used 8 cans on the truck. The cap and skirts took six more. I used some scotch-Brite pads to scuff up the FRP. I do not know how long it will last, but so far has held up well to two washings and a wet week of highway rain.... Whatever you do, make sure you purchase a spray can trigger! My finger was blistered after the first three cans. This whole thing started last month when I kept looking at this wore down, beat truck sitting in my driveway going to waste. I painted it, drove it, then got the Ecomodder bug!
Every dollar I save, .....I save!
half exposed Lucky

how it was done...

as of feb. 09, still holding up great with new owner,
who has since re-geared the rear end and gets nearly 40 MPG!
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