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Originally Posted by toxshox View Post
Sorry for raising the dead.

I beg to question, if the Airtab design was scaled down to work on a car such as my xA would it give us a noticeable result?
I agree that the air tabs are generally too big for a small car and will do more harm than good. Again, the purpose of vortex generators is to promote attached flow on a slope that is too steep, such as a slope greater than 12 degrees. Most cars with a standard trunk have a rear window that is too steep to maintain attached flow and therefore could benefit from properly placed and selected vortex generators.

The XA has a profile that is ideal from the windscreen back since it is a hatchback with a gradual down slope. Then it just comes to an end at the back window. This is not a good application for VG's. You already have attached flow to the back of the car and they can't improve the flow over an extreme transition such as your roof line coming to an end.

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