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Went to an Isuzu regional meet this last weekend. Most of the PU's there were diesel's, and I learned that most of them w proper effort could return best figures near, and above 50 mpg.

I attended mainly for help to sort out my '75 chevy monza fastback w C221 Isuzu diesel.

I took the CRX there.

My smile is that I had nearly 30 miles of fast freeway each way to/from that destination. The freeway is posted at 70mph. Many go 75-80mph. There were 3 lanes each direction in this rural stretch.

I was able to cruise at 47mph., and nobody honked at me!

Though supposedly, people can see better on clear sunny days, I felt 3 times safer on the night return to home leg, because of my minor reflective adds on the rear, but mainly due to well practiced 1-3 bursts (as each situation warrants) of the amber 4 way flashers.

It was a joy to RUN the freeway.... no big rigs, or others got jammed behind me, which resulted in smoothness for all!
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