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Finally have an update after another year of gathering parts and info..

I've been through about 5 cars in the past year. Each one taking up my time and money lol... I don't have as good of a job as I did a year ago but Im doing what I can to not let that slow me up..

When I bought the engine out of Charlotte the owner (a honda enthusiast) informed me that the swap had about 240k mi on it... Pulled the plugs and found NGK-R's and thought this engine may have been beat on a bit since the last owner was an enthusiast and he was younger... The head looked good though and oil looked good too...

After talking it over with my pops and thinking on it a few weeks I decided that i'd go ahead and tear the engine down, put fresh rings and bearings in after the block has a fresh hone.

Really glad that I've gone through the extra trouble though.. Found that cyl #3 had significant wear on the rod bearing and had worn through the silver coating..

Bought an Engine gasket set from Rockauto among other parts and also had the cylinder head milled .0010 to help ensure seal over the block. Plus that little bit of compression may help. Also had fresh set of Valve seals put in, valve guides checked and the cylinder head cleaned.. Those intake valves were super gunky..

Other parts gathered were, D16z6 exhaust manifold, Shift linkage, front lower crossmember, and both CRX Si and Z1/VX engine harnesses..

Hopefully within the next week, me and pops will be assembling the engine and slapping the head on this thing.. Ill have more pics after that..

Along with the pics will be plenty of ?'s... Like, What clutch should I run? I know I wanna run the Z1 flywheel but do I just purchase the Hf clutch?? Then there's the infamous wiring... If anyone has prior experience and can lend a few tips on this end that would be awesome...

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