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Originally Posted by Karadjas View Post
I'm considering minor ibiza ecomods. It already has lighter wheels and I've separated the cargo area from the passenger area to minimise a/c use. Most of my routes are urban, so it will be more nut-adjusting than aero-fixing
Here's what helps in city driving: Weight reduction!
Yeah, the car too

Originally Posted by Karadjas View Post
I've added the cars to the garage, couldn't find EPA for either. Man, Americans never get any of the good cars fuel logs will be added as they happen.
Most of us Europeans use numbers from the ECE fuel consumption test cycle (harder to beat than the American EPA numbers - those Americans got it easy...). If that's not available, and you can't find any other 'official' numbers, then go to sites like, look at the average fuel consumption for cars like yours (make, model, trim, engine, gearbox, etc.), and use that as your 'official' average.

EDIT: Euromodder wins, again
e·co·mod·ding: the art of turning vehicles into what they should be

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