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Wastefulness that you have encountered ( tax write offs etc )

Perfectly good things get thrown away all the time at my job. My grandfather used to work for ALCOA, and in the 60s' and early 70s' the company would take good running vehicles complete with fuel and oil and either bury them or dump them in the bay.
At my job they threw away a $1,600 dollar stainless steel tool chest because it had a bent radio antenna ( there is a built in radio and refrigerator in the tool chest )
Apparently it would cost to much to ship back, so the guys spray painted it and took a sledge hammer to it so no one could use it. The company policy is that if something is in good working order and credit is given on the product, it has to be destroyed and thrown away.

Was I the only one that asked why not just have the manufacturer ship a new antenna ??

Anyone else have examples of corporate greed / wastefulness ?

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