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Originally Posted by JasonG View Post
Here we also have what are reffered to as "trains to nowhere".
Oh, we've got plenty of roads to nowhere ; stretches of road that don't connect to anything ; bridges over nothing or nothing going over a bridge ; a huge waste-water pumping line that sat unused for decades (it's now transporting potable water); a military airfield that was never used ;a huge tidal harbour dock that's hardly used, yet will be expanded with another similar dock; AFVs with 90mm guns that no-one else in NATO uses; MirSIP , unlicenced Dassault Mirage upgrades where cancellation would have been more expensive that seeing the upgrades through (later sold to Chile at a silly price); upgrading frigates, only to sell them to Bulgaria ; a metro system in Charleroi that was never used; ...

The list is far longer than that.

We're a rich country, with only 350 billion euro of debt.
Guess how we racked up that debt ...
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