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Originally Posted by Frank Lee View Post
I don't think the area behind the front wheel is problematic as was; for one it's already in a turbulent zone right behind the wheel and for two it won't act as a "parachute" because there is an AFTBODY right there. If anything it will be like the front of any bluff body in that air piles up into a bubble in front of it if it isn't pointy enough.

PEOPLE listen up: concave pockets facing forward DON'T act as parachutes because one of the differences is, there is a ginormouse AFTBODY right there. Parachute drag is from the high turbulent flow in the wake because there is no AFTBODY to promote orderly "closure" of flow.
I guess we'll just have to disagree on this point. Go to this page and compare the "prism" to the "bullet." Shape Effects on Drag Contrary to popular belief on this forum, the shape of the front most definitely makes a difference.
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