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Military spending here is a mess.

1. Chinooks
RAF ordered Chinooks for Afghanistan a few years ago. MOD decided it new best and reduced the spec to one so low that they can't fly in fog, cloads or at night. Last time I checked Afghanistan has quite a few mountainous areas with clouds and is subject to periods of night at least once per day.

Boeing suggest the spec was too low, MOD said it new best. Chinooks delivered and couldn't be used. Sat in a Hanger for 5 years and even started to be canibalised for parts for other aircraft.

MOD finally decided to upgrade them expect to do this now means that they have to more or less take the things to pieces again to install the missing bits.

2. Transport Aircraft
RAF buying Airbus A400Ms - an aircraft too heavy to lift it's specified weight, too thirsty to have a long range and about 2 years behind schedule. Meanwhile of course there is the C-17 which is cheaper, goes further, faster, uses less fuel, carried more and is about 80% of the projected price of an A400M - oh and the US Army and Air Force have more or less worked the bugs out of it so it can be used from day 1.

And this is before we think about the fact that the Typhoon is a decade late, and under spec and we have to continue flying circa early 1970s Tornados, just when the Russians have started sending Bears over again.



3. Aircraft Carriers
MOD decides to retire the Harrier earlier this year. We only have aircraft carriers which can operate Harriers. So we don't have any. Oh but we are building two new ones, except they have no aircraft because the new Tempest is delayed. Oh and one aircraft carrier is to be mothballed straight away - why build it then ?

But even building the things is complicated - its done in two parts - on opposite coasts of Scotland. So they have to sail the centre section around the whole coast to attach it to the rest. Why ?

Oh, and to pay for all of this we just made 2000 soldiers, including some on active service, redundant.

We need another peasants (middle class) revolt...
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