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Most people who tend to complain about EV range haven't ever driven an EV.
When was the last time you drove 100 miles? when was the last time you drove over 50 miles at a time? average person drives 22 miles per day.
Yes, winter driving is an issue, just listen to the radio in the winter and you will hear ads warning you to make sure that your gas tank is full because your cars gas mileage is worse in the winter and if you get stuck you want to have enough gas to idle your car to keep warm!!!
Last I checked heated seats draw around 50 to 100 watts each, lets say the heated steering wheel draws another 50 watts, now my electric car has one of the smallest battery packs you will find in any mass produced electric cars and running heated seats to keep you warm in the ditch and a heated steering wheel (something I do not have, but the Leaf has) I would be able to run them for 64 hours or more off a full charge with my electric cars very small battery, if I didn't have collector plates on my car (prevent me from using it in the winter) then I would insulate my batteries so they would stay warm, they have enough mass in them that 2" of insulation should keep them at a happy operating temp for close to 2 days.
Also, most people will charge at home, public charging is there to quite the folks who don't drive EV's who mumble about limited range, I have lead acid batteries in my EV so keeping them charged keeps the batteries happy and will make them last longer, but I would not pay for that public charging, I would use it if it was free and I didn't have to go to far out of my way, but for the most part I'm not going to bother and I keep hearing about people with Nissan Leaf's who are realizing that they don't need to charge every day either, that just like filling up with gasoline they can drive most of the week, but then they just plug in at home.
But it really comes down to using the right tool for the job, I don't own a pickup truck, so I borrow pickup trucks, I don't own a moving van either so I rent moving vans and when a group of friends wants to all go the same place we look at who has a vehicle large enough to take, does that mean I need to own a pickup truck, moving van and a station wagon? nope! and if I still worked a job where I was driving long distances I would own a vehicle that fit that need, but I don't and I enjoy the extra time I have because of it, the extra money I have because of it (every vehicle has a per mile cost) and the reduced stress from not driving those distances any more.

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