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My EV has a 35-40 mile range so when people ask me what the range is I don't sugar coat it and just say it's 35 miles, they often then ask how I manage with that limited range or if I find my self not using it because of that kind of range but then I ask them how far they tend to drive per day and it turns out that 10 miles or less each way to work is about it!
Being a fuel saving form, folks on this web site tend to drive more then average, but again, it's all about using the right tool for the job, read any thread about troubles with driving with a cold engine! why are folks driving with an engine that is not warmed up? because they are driving a lot of short trips, those short trips put a lot of wear on the gasoline engine based power train.
I'm currently trying to arrange a time to have my parents look at a home built/converted EV that has about 20 miles of range because that would be more then enough for my parents and they share a single car, but what are they going to do for longer trips? I live 3 miles away and also own a Civic VX so swapping cars for the day is not a big deal, traveling for Christmas we tend to take my car or my brothers car, if they have to go out of town they often going to haul something big so they dust off the pickup truck.
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