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Originally Posted by Frank Lee View Post
I could never start another engine for the rest of my life and still not make up for the fuel this ***hole is burning.
Can't see why you're blaming him, when it's policies he didn't make that force him to travel that way*. Seems to me as though he could pretty much do his job by telecommuting, if he was allowed, and save everybody money.

(*Also, Air Force pilots need to log a certain number of flight hours to stay current. If they ferry people around while doing this, there's no extra cost.)

It's the same with the criticism of Obama (and Bush before him, so I'm not being political) for taking "vacations" outside of Washington. AFAIK, there's very little a President does that can't be done just as well remotely, and one so inclined could skive off just as well in the White House as anywhere.
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