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I agree with you, it's why I requested (and received) the entire code source of the ST FOC V3.0 library from ST (under NDA), because I cannot deliver a software to a customer without perfect knowing of all source code it contains. The library is well designed and well coded. They use object programming style, and all functionnality is very independent in its one source file + private header file + public header file. I gradually study all source file, and because all functionnality reside in his own "blackbox", and software is based on different layer, it reduce the bug probability.

From my opinion, after reflexion, for an open source project I am not sure it's really a problem to have the complex part of the code to be a library if it is proved to work correctly and is highly configurable (which is the case, it is extraordinarily configurable !!). Because FOC control is a complex part, and for example even if I understand the principle, I will take a very long time to write my own FOC code (I hate math !!), or even modify the source code provided.

I think they deliver the FOC code as library because it seems they have very recent and powerfull algorithm for sensorless FOC.

For your question, yes, the library seems to be able to drive ACIM motor too, but I have not read this application note for now !
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