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Originally Posted by slowmover View Post
Broke is one thing, idiot another. Even jesting it isn't deserved when so many find themselves in the same boat. Change it, will ya? And if you do I entreat the moderator to delete this post. Looking for the way out is the right thing. The examples and experiences of others are always valuable to me, as they are to you. I might, or my friends/family might call me a less-than, but they'll do it within arms reach . . . .

Vacuum lines are an excellent and cheaply-repaired source of problems. (Thanks Jim)The local library may well have the vacuum schematic that will be of aid (even if the truck already has one). Factory lines are more expensive and probably better. But with a set of calculations of the length needed of various diameters one can arrange to buy in bulk. Or just ask around and splice chit together.

In the meantime, remove and clean the batt, starter and other primary charging system cable ends. Have the batt tested free at a parts store (remove to take inside; check first). Low electrical can cause problem-multiplication. Alternator too if you're up to it.

And make you a list or two of tools needed for auto work. The pawn shops always have a selection. Pay close attention to wrench ends, etc.

Welcome, and all the best

I have the complete factory service manual on disk, about 1000 pages. All electrical has been checked out and cleaned all connections, Alternator charging fine. I have all the tools needed for any repair. Thanks for your suggestions, I am still listening and learning.

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