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We get quite a few components which are solid-state - no moving parts and no parts which can be replaced or serviced, at least not economically by us. If they are DOA or fail within the warranty period it is cheaper for the reseller to just replace them for us FOC and ask us to dispose of the old one. That passes the cost and responsibility of that disposal to us of course.

When we asked for the cost of shipping the parts back one time the supplier concerned immediately suggested that there would be an additional price for all deliveries and pickups in Scotland, and as they were a monopoly supplier for that component at the time we had to accept it.

Insurance often means we can't recycle parts even PCs, although we have enough parts to make hundreds of reasonable spec machines if we put them together. I'm trying to see if we can donate them somewhere but they usually only take complete, working equipment.

Plus of course we have to destroy HDD contents for data protection which takes time.
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