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Originally Posted by Ryland View Post
One other thing to try is to make sure you are putting gasoline in it, not 10% ethanol, most people I talk to only see a 15% or so drop in their mileage with ethanol in the gasoline but I've talked to some people who see a much greater drop. No choices around here, all have 10% corn added.

When you changed the spark plugs, how did they look? where they all colored the same on the tip? Yes, looked all the same, if you are driving short trips like it sounds like and never hauling a load you might try the next hotter plug. Will check for hotter plug, even if these are new.
It might also be time for new transmission fluid, after 15 years and fluids start to cook down and get thicker.Have the 9 quarts and new filter ready to change, just not the courage yet.

Thanks for your feedback, any suggestions on overcoming the corn additive with other cost effective additives?
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