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Originally Posted by Frank Lee View Post
Oh for god's sake, the ethanol thing again?!?

If I had that truck I would get more than 12-14 out of it feeding it 100% E85- hell, I get more than that feeding a V8 F150 E85, SO THAT AIN'T IT.
That's because you're pushing it with one of your other four cars.

As to fuel: start a logbook. Buy the same fuel consistently down to the same station, same time of day, same fuel pump. Fill to first click-off. Start a fuel log on this site for your truck.

This is a post where I set up a record book for my diesel truck. Book, pen, solar calculator in glovebox.

Also, look at the cost of ownerhip & operation. Two different things, just as with maintenance and repairs. AAA has a .pdf online to help understand the calculations, as well as EDMUNDS ("True Cost of . . . ").
Taxes, insurance, maintenance, repairs, inspections, etc. Then fuel.

At the age of that truck depreciation has bottomed out. The dollar value of the truck will rise slightly. This is offset by age-related repairs and that the chain stores/dealers start to drop stuff from the system with 15-year old vehicles.

I'd be making lists of what to replace and when, doing the homework before problems arise. Then consult list and seller.


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