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Originally Posted by cyberpine View Post
The idea is not to turn a sedan into a pickup truck.
But that is basically what these things do. Which I suppose would be OK if you thought of them as some entirely different class of vehicle, but trucks they aren't.

The other problem is that these things do nothing to help those of us who want real pickups, and would like the option of getting one with hybrid capabilities, decent aero, and the rest.

Honestly, that Corvair wouldn't be a bad starting point, especially if you think of the vehicle as an efficient tool rather than an ego enhancer. (Neither my ego nor any related parts are in need of enhancement, thank you :-)) Space & sheet metal forward of the driver are useful only as crumple zones for crash protection. (I've never looked under the hood of a recent F-series or similar oversized pickup, but I imagine the engine must look pretty small & lonely in there.) Side gates, under-bed storage compartments, variable ride height - all useful innovations. And if it's a hybrid, add a 120 volt inverter and a couple of outlets for power tools...
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