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Originally Posted by Rokeby View Post
I'm not certain that I understand the visualizations of the standing vortexes
around a spinning wheel in a "wheel house"/fender well in contact with the

Having said that, I hope this question makes sense:

With respect to enhancing getting air from the rear tires to fill in the low
pressure area behind the body, would "mud flaps" on the rear wheels help or
hinder the process?
This issue is, as always, how do you handle the transition from low pressure areas to higher pressure ones? For this reason Prii and such use as mudflaps little vertical "boatails" which mate with the width of the rear tires to manage the pressure transition to the rear.

The demon here is at the front of the tire where the airflow gets squished downwards and sideways, and then merges with the outside airflow, forming a vortex.

I hope this is useful.
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