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Hatchback sedans already have flat cargo areas. Just talking about making that cargo area hard plastic vs carpet. and leaving enough of that area open so that you can fit a small motorcyle or ATV with the tailgate down. Also the under bed trunk.

Yeah, the short engine compartment with the driver closer to the front bumper is more efficient and spacious, but just keepin it real. 8 out 10 between the ages of 18 to 35 will say.. not as nice looking. If the auto was in-wheel motor, mabey the front could be used for storage to maintain the crumpple zone. Or.. (Rue Goldberg) When you open the front trunk a workbench with power outlets pops out and all your tools are under that bench.

FYI - Honda announced a few days ago they are going to produce pickup version of the CRV just as it is rumored the Ridgeline will stop production.

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