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Originally Posted by Superdutytd View Post
Has there been any updates on these yet?
No new developments as of yet Superdutytd I am sorry to say. The closest I ever was was back in the fall of 2008. I had a camper shell manufacturing company ready to make the Aerolids. Gas was at $4.00 a gallon. Then TARP hit.

Many others like myself have not been able to get anything going, especially in the manufacture of durable goods, after that bunch of thievery on Wall Street. I was happy to hear on Friday September 2, that the Federal Finance Housing Authority, part of the U.S. Government, has finally filed a law suit against the whole bunch, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citi Bank, 17 banks in all named in the law suit. Forgive my bad habit of getting off topic, but this is on topic and this is a major reason why I have not been able to get the Aerolid up and going.

Now for some good news, on topic too. Went on a 1300 mile road trip last weekend to test the Aerolid and aero extension box combination. I drove to Johnson City, Tennessee and back. Conditions were perfect both directions light winds and a temperature range of between 72 and 97 degrees. I drove the posted speed limit, 70 mph most of the time with about a fifth of the trip at 65 mph. Even ran my AC in the hot afternoon.

First leg was a distance of 644.7 miles, on one tank of gas! I have the smaller 26 gallon tank in my truck and still had 24 miles worth of gas left on the computer in reserve. Again, the winds were not strong enough to have a bearing on my truck and a 24.23 mpg figure was calculated after pumping in 26.6 gallons of gas.

On the way back, I found another use for duct tape. I taped up the gap between the Aerolid and the box. Winds were not a hinderance or help on this leg of the trip either. I drove 656.1 miles with about 45 minutes of it in a Nashville 5:00 o'clock stop and go traffic jam. Though my test was shot.

Then I got to watching my miles to empty on the computer. I still had alot of gas left. Made Little Rock and put 25.55 gallons of gas in. My low fuel warning went off about two miles from where I pull off to get gas near my home. I had 48 miles left till empty. If you add the 656.1 miles to the 48 mile range left in the tank, I could have driven 704.1 miles on one tank of gas! It seems the duct tape gap fill had a large bearing on the boxes performance.

My fuel efficiency on this run worked out to 25.68 miles per gallon. If I would not have got caught in the traffic jam in Nashville, I feel 26 mpg might have been possible.

Here are a few pictures I took of the Aerolid and box taped up upon my arrival home. I am not giving up on this because the damn thing works!

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