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Running "Lean" with a Resistor Divider on the Air Temp Sensor

I tried to search for this, so sorry if this has been discussed...

I hear a lot of talk about HAI and providing a fuel mixture that will give you the least amount of fuel with each revolution of the engine. We all don't care about the loss of HP, unless you car won't have enough power in the mountains of California... AndrewJ...

So my thoughts were, running the engine hoter would obviously help keep the temp up, but what about putting a small resistor divider circuit on the air temp sensor signal to force it to read maybe 5-10 degrees F hotter than it is. This way you could get a "'lean" condition at all times and with the fuel mixture having a higher oxygen content to have a more complete burn.

This should be a simple modification if you can chart the air temperature verses voltage of your car and find out the degree per volt ratio then just make a small circuit board to trick the ECU into a lean burn.

This could be combined with a better intake temperature to optimize your engine temp so that you don't run it to hot in a HAI setup.

You might then be able to go back to a CAI and have a larger voltage divider so that you can get a super lean burn with the most oxygen content available.

Any thoughts?


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