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Originally Posted by IndyIan View Post
I assume you have a 5 or more speed automatic? Just count the shifts, if you are using 30% or more throttle you should be able to tell. I also find in my auto neon that there is a big difference between the top gear with the torque conveter locked and top gear without it locked. Its about 3L/100km.
So the faster you can get your tranny locked in top gear the better your mileage will be so I accelerate from a stop and pulsing at about 40% throttle. My car will hold the torque converter locked to about 60% throttle at 50mph but its a 3 speed, most cars will unlock with much less.
Most automatics dive to the highest gear anyways with light throttle, so you have to train yourself for how much gas you can give without forcing downshifts. But for highway I still say go for the converter lock up and try to keep that.
Just came back from a quick wikipedia read of torque converters, and with my basic and limited understanding I ask: How can I tell if my torque converter has locked? How can I tell when it has unlocked? And are you saying that I should drive as slow as possible with it locked (highway)?

Also, for city, are you saying I shouldn't accelerate slow? I should give it a good push to get the torque converter to lock early? (not floor it, but yeah).
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