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The whole story!

I received the truck as a gift from daughter, it was no longer used in her business. The first tank, (someone had punched the trip meter) on the fill up when I calculated the mileage it showed 12.? a mile. On the fill up, I added one ounce of AutoMatic Transmission fluid per gallon. On the second fill up, I had not many more miles on the trip meter so I did not bother to calculate. During the second fill up, I again added the ATF to the tank (Adding the ATF lubicates the top end of the engine and it does work.) My Mercedes went from around 18 to 20-22 in town, hwy went from 24 to 29. Now, I just filled up the truck the third time and decided to recalculate. It ended up 17.94 miles per gal. This time I added some fuel injector cleaner.

Today, I changed the plugs again to a hotter plug, new air filter, new fuel filter and inflated to 40lbs from the 28 that someone had done. Tomorrow, the hotter thermostat (180) will be put in. I am now coasting every chance I get, anxious to see what the difference will be. I do appreciate all the responses that I got and they will be used. Thanks to all for the help.
I will be back.

BTW: The Mercedes computer notices NOTHING with the ATF in and runs great, I would suggest you at least try it. ONE ounce per gallon that the tank holds, first time, just fill up and put in the ounces that is the capacity of the tank, second time, the amount of the fill. I now only add the ATF on every other tank. Mileage has not dropped back.
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