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Got pictures back.

Hi, I found out this morning the photo's weren't loaded onto the server. I fixed that tonight. Comparing the traces for other P&H injectors they don't look like mine turned out. I got 50 MPG in my converter test. I think I know why. The mpguino may be reading the trace upside down! Looking at the small pulse gap between the actual first and last pulse. If I invert the signal it may read OK.
Nah! I still wouldn't get the actual pulse width. But it explains the 50 mpg reading.

I'll keep trying. I got the pre-built 'guino and I can't rebuild the code.

I may the Inj Delay to 1350us to see what happens there. It's at 500us now. I'm reading 13 mpg right now and 10.5 mpg is what I have been getting.

I really need to do a mpg run. I just filled up the tank. UGH! 70.119 gallons @ $3.509/gal= $225.00 I drove 60 miles w/ my 57 chevy in tow. The gauge shows about 5-7 gallons gone. about 8.5 mpg ( 5/5ths on my gauge. ) about 15 gallons per mark. 787 miles at 10.5 mpg. Hows that for hyper-mileing!

Cheers, Lee
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Thanks, Lee

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@CrazyLee: can't see your pics, infact on your page the only pics I can't see are the mpguino trace ones! Guess you may have moved or be in the process of updating them.

I tried the comparator route, but got nowhere fast, as the gap between the pulses became almost smaller than than the hold portion of the waveform. Thats when I went for the software solution.

I have set my detection pulse to 40uS (aka injector delay parameter), and this seems to work very well. I now need to house my unit, then calibrate it.

If you have access to a scope might be worth trying my software mod, and see what you get.
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