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I've read the HAI threads several times, but how do we know that is the most efficient? At some point pumping in too hot of air will decrease efficiency given you less of a return for the fuel mixture. If what the ECU is trying to do is take advantage of colder air, why not trick it?

If its the O2 sensor that is the main sensor in the e nd, then why not do it on the O2 sensor instead? you could easily hook up a circuit with a pot to run ABA test with a Scangauge.

In the end, what I would want to accomplish it to have a fuel mixture "independent" of intake temp so that you cna then optimize the intake temp.

So my question would be, why is a HAI the optimal and not a WAI? you would say because the HAI, in a unamed number of cars, would give you the best fuel sipping drive possible. My thought is, why not optimize the fuel being injected with a simple circuit so that you can attempt to optimize the air coming into the engine. This way you can optimize both to get the max benifit and MAYBE even run a little leaner so that you use even less fuel than a HAI would get you at a given temp.

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