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ATF is basically 5W-20 without the carbon combustion additives, and some added compounds not specified for motor oil. There is a nearly decade-old discussion of using ATF outside of design over on BITOG, without the numbers or studies or other to promote its use thusly (other products have a better and verifiable track record).

One is welcome, as always, to do with ones car as one will. And if the "experiment" seems successful, fine. Just that one shouldn't stop there if record-keeping indicates changes not otherwise substantiated.

Hope that JatMat will give himself a break and realize that the "contentiousness" of a viable site for information is not an impediment to its use. Vehicle enthusiast sites with overly specific consensus are of little help in the end. Records are just a tool, for example, but enable others to peer over ones shoulder in consultation on the problem.

Sounds like the repairs are underway, and a plan is in view for the immediate future.

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