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Originally Posted by Flatmann100 View Post
Hi Paul, Adam, and everyone else! Not much to report from here, still driving the car everyday. It's been over 2 years now with 7,000 trouble free miles. I have one little problem. I can't seem to get the RTD explorer to load. I want to change a couple of settings but each time I try I to run the RTD program I get an error code saying its not loaded due to what looks like a "Deployment" issue. Has anyone encountered this before?

I have deleted and reloaded the program a few times getting the same message every time.

When I connect to the controller to my laptop and type in "config" nothing happens and no data.

This is the only problem an aside from this I'll tell ya. I wish I had built my electric car sooner!!!!.

Hi.. can you post the exact error message? maybe I can help..
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