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Originally Posted by sid View Post
Solar electric is working well for me and some other people I know. But my panels are Sanyos.

Which brings up an interesting observation: All these failing PV manufacturers are US based. They aren't failing in China, Japan, or Germany. Is it because we don't have the know-how? Or is it because of insufficient government support, at least relative to the other countries? Have our political leaders decided this market and capability isn't important? The world-wide market for PV technology is definitely growing. Abandoning this market does not seem like a good way to keep jobs in this country.
the big differance is that we have unions and not sweat shops. also the energy is corporation owned not by the gov. I mean California the tree hugger capital has a solar kick back to the people. but Texas dont. I mean I have had ZERO rain not clouds for at least 3 months now. Do you know how much power it would have saved if everyone in houston just ran one solar panel. Myself i am not looking for 100% off the grid. I will start with 4 home made panels and go from there.
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