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steensn -

Originally Posted by steensn View Post
I am well aware of failsafing in vehicle ECU's in cars, I have several while in working here. The question is what can you get away with? I have a 1996 Ford Aspire, not very new and it isn't going to have the level of failsafing as some of the newer cars here.

I'll prolly rig something out to test this once I get a Scangauge from the group buy to test it out. At some point it will set a fault, but I'll just reset it and increase the with a pot. I heard there is a performance Cat for my car I can put on that could help with the NOx if this works out.
My theory is that the scangauge will be spoofed by the IAT resistor mod. It's algorithms (most likely) use the IAT sensor to extrapolate MPG.

I really gotta do that experiment. I am soooooooooooooooooooo lazy sometimes.


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