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steensn -

Originally Posted by steensn View Post
Good point on the scangauge probably being fooled also. At minimum I can sue the pot and the scangauge to read out what the ECU thinks the new intake temp is or O2 level. I could then see how much of a gain it takes to set a fault or go into another mode where it thinks the O2 sensor is failed.

I would be concerned that not all cars are going to have the same failsafing criteria as that gets more and more sophisticated as time goes by. I can compare our failsafing from 1996 and now and I would laugh at the crude failsafing they did back then. Who knows how much you can fool it unless you test it?
I agree. The newer cars are going to be "harder to fool". I would rather work with a dumb ECU/PCM. I *think* my 1999 Saturn OBD II protocol is pretty close to it's 1996 specs, so I see it as "the good dummy" I can work with.


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