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Originally Posted by Allch Chcar View Post
Due to no emissions compliant engines of that size existing, no less.

It's nice to see a forum accepting of such a strange/irrational swap . I haven't seen a single negative comment and there are v8 guys responding.
??? Actually even my 1970 subaru 360 2 stroke passed emissions for its class, there are more than a few with the stickers to prove it present day. Although I do have to admit, the car needs to be warmed up with about 10 minutes of driving before it passes.

The 660cc engines do indeed come with a cat and the newer models are definitely cleaner than a 1970's V8 in every respect. In fact a few mini trucks in this country (one that is truly street legal in CA as well) also easily pass the emissions tests.

The sad part is our government has to be a nanny about it with irrational fears that have more to do with money and control than any actual environmentalism. A car today needs to EXCEED the emissions test standards to be sold from new and the emissions they count aren't necessarily the really important ones either.

Perhaps volume is more important?

Ah well.

I think anything that makes the car get better FE is a step in the right direction and this swap makes me smile, I wouldn't mind a metro motor in my subaru 360, trouble is I could flip the car over
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